A chair lift is a chair that is installed on the stairway of a home

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A chair lift is a chair that is installed on the stairway of a home

The advancement of age happens to each of us, and others may have had Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturers surgeries or other difficulties that prevent them from easily climbing stairs. Most people would rather stay comfortable in their own homes than have to have help in their home daily or be put somewhere to have constant care. A chair lift may help them get their freedom back.


A chair lift is a chair that is installed on the stairway of a home, church, or business so that an elderly or disabled person can get up and down the stairs more easily. They usually have armrests, a seat belt, and a lever that allows you to swivel in and out of the chair. Most are also equipped with a remote control so that the chair can be controlled while the person sits in it.

There are many factors that determine the price of the stair chair lift. One of those is the company from which it is purchased. Some companies are well known to sell more of the top of the line models and specialty lifts and those generally are well over $4,000.00 installed. Since stairways come in all shapes and sizes, some of the stair chair lifts have to be specially made with curved rails and these of course, cost a little more. If you have a straight stairway and need no extra features, the prices can be as low as roughly $1,300. Since more people are seeing that these could be beneficial the prices have dropped significantly in recent years. If you have researched the price and do not believe that the installation of a chair lift in your home is something that fits into your budget, or you don't want this device to be a permanent fixture in your home, you can look into rental of equipment.

Many installers do offer that option and can be more affordable that buying one outright if you will be using it for a short period of time. However, you don't always just want the cheapest option as you would hate for your loved one to be stuck on the lift or the batteries to die at the worst possible time as they will depending on that lift all the time. To help avoid this problem, decide on the style that you need, and then price them. If you are on a tighter budget and are looking to buy a previously owned stair chair lift, check auction and buy/sell websites where they can be found at minimal cost or a local dealer who will also know how the equipment works and how to install it correctly. Many times a local dealer will have many options available in a shop for you to inspect. If you or someone you love is in need of a better way to climb stairs, do your research and find the lift that works best for your stair way and make plans to give that person their freedom to enjoy their own home at any stage of life.