4 points featuring the SWOT analysis of Nike

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Nike is an American multinational brand known to manufacture the finest quality of apparel, shoes, accessories, etc.

Nike is an American multinational brand known to manufacture the finest quality of apparel, shoes, accessories, etc. Nike SWOT analysis is essential for the company to keep leading the global market and evaluating its competitors. However, the company's net worth is recorded at approximately $34.8 billion in the year 2020. But timely evaluation is also necessary to maintain its growth. So, here is the analysis of the strong points and area of improvement of the company.

  1. Strengths

There is a list of strong points which is keeping the company in maximum profit every year. One can also figure out its strength through online marketing assignment help platforms to deliver relevant annotated bibliography assignment. Some of them are:

  • Nike's reliable product quality
  • Lesser manufacturing cost
  • Nike's extended support for the black community
  • Marketing strategies and promotional events
  • In-depth research plan before manufacturing any product
  1. Weaknesses

Like any other organization, this brand has its weaknesses too. However, some of its failures require instant measures for its correction. The weak points of Nike include:

  • Unequal wages as per the gender of the employee
  • Many cases of molestation of their female employees
  • Still indebted to several other organizations
  • Deficiency of variety in their products
  • Approximately 50% dependency only on the US market
  1. Opportunities

Even after its strong establishment in the global market, Nike has broad scopes of empowering opportunities such as:

  • Incorporating technologies into its products
  • Expansion of their business globally except just in the US
  • More investment into some non-sporting products
  • Getting maximum hold in their own hand in place of their retailers
  • Letting their women staff lead from the front
  1. Threats

Our competitors are a consistent threat to our achievements. Nursing Assignment Help make sure to do everything to lead the global industry. Some of the continuing danger for Nike are:

  • Manufactured and cheap quality products available in the market with the brand's name on it.
  • The ongoing court case between Nike and Adidas regarding the patency of Primekit and Flynit shoes
  • Nike's budget management, as it is spending an enormous amount every year just for the promotion
  • It can also be entirely overtaken by the US or China market, forming its most extensive customer base.
  • Its growing competitors due to more diversification in their products than Nike.


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