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This read focuses on the Walmart gift cards that achieved success since their launch and the steps involved in three different ways to check the card balance.

Every individual in this world has been experiencing a dilemma with deciding what would be the best gift for people they care about. Walmart came to the rescue with their gift card varieties. It has been achieving success since the beginning of its journey. There are different gift cards for different occasions in different price ranges and offer people certain customizations when bought online. It lets the recipient decide what they want to get with the gift card amount. And at times checking the Walmart Gift Card Balance becomes essential for planning the purchase. This read is concerned with the various ways you can check your available balance on the gift cards.


There are three different ways that Walmart offers to its customers to check the balance on their Gift Cards. You can do it by visiting the Walmart local stores, getting in touch with the customer support department, or by simply visiting the Walmart gift card’s online portal. Following are the steps to obtain effective results:

Walmart Gift Cards Online

  1. Get into the online site by Walmart for gift cards.
  2. Hit on to Check your Walmart Gift Card Balance.
  3. Provide the 16-digit card number with the 4-digit pin.
  4. Hit on the visible “Get Card Balance” option link.

Walmart Customer Support

  1. Ensure contacting the customer support phone number.
  2. Carefully listen to the telephonic instructions being said.
  3. Provide them with a valid service extension number.
  4. Provide them with the 16-digit number, when asked.
  5. Wait for a certain time to hear from their executives.

Walmart Local Stores (physical)

  1. Browse the Internet to locate the nearest Walmart store.
  2. Note the address, contact number, and working hours.
  3. Accordingly, visit and request the counter staff to help.


The gift cards offered by Walmart are offered as both physical plastic cards and e-gift cards (online). It helps senders with the gift-giving dilemmas and allows the receivers to choose their desired gifts for the card amount. It varies according to different occasions and can be customized to some extent. However, checking the Walmart gift card balance becomes crucial sometimes. Therefore, Walmart offers three ways to get it done- via their online portal, by asking help from their customer support, and by visiting the nearest local stores. Mentioned above are the steps you’ll have to undergo to check your card balance.