These spines are truly abinding industry breakthrough

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These spines are truly abinding industry breakthrough

If you're like most business owners,you're worried about the environment. And if you're concerned about ourplanet, you probably worry about whether the office supplies you useare helping - or hurting - the earth. This is probably especially trueif your office regularly binds documents. Bound documents look great,but they've traditionally not been very environmentally friendly. Thisis because in the past, many binding materials, such as plastic bindingcombs, cover sheets, and the like, couldn't be recycled. Thus, whenthere was no more use for your bound document,Wholesale PPGI PPGL steel coil it would wind up in alandfill where the plastic would sit for years and never biodegrade. That's all about to change, however, and now you'll be able to bothbind your documents and be good to the environment. How? By using thebrand new Eco-Coil recycled binding spines.


These spines are truly abinding industry breakthrough. They are the first spiral binding coilsmade from 100% post-consumer materials (read: they're made from oldbinding spines!) and, best of all, they are completely recyclable. Sothey're perfect for when you need to bind that important report orpresentation but still want to reduce your carbon footprint. Even if you're not concerned about the earth, Eco-Coil spines are agood choice for your next binding project. They can be used with anyspiral coil binding machine, so you won't need to buy any additionalequipment to use them. (And in these difficult economic times, savingmoney is always a bonus.) Eco-Coil spines are extremely durable, whichmeans your document will hold up to frequent handling. Documents boundwith Eco-Coil spines lay flat, so your documents can be easily read orphotocopied, which makes these spines ideal for binding items such ascalendars, cookbooks, and reference materials. You don't worry about the thickness of your document - Eco-Coil spinesare available in thicknesses ranging from ¼ of an inch up to twoinches, so you'll be able to use these spines no matter the length ofyour document.

And hopefully you like black because currently, Eco-Coilspines are available only in that hue due to their being made frompost-consumer waste. (More colors may be available in the future,however.) Eco-Coil spines are available in two lengths: 12-inch and36-inch. With the 36" spines, you can easily trim them down, makingthem ideal for custom-sized projects. Finally, these spines aremanufactured in the United States of America, so when you buy them,you're supporting American businesses and stimulating the economy. Howpatriotic, huh? There are many benefits to using Eco-Coil spines, including convenience(no additional equipment required!), versatility, and the great lookthey can lend to your documents. But let's not forget their mostimportant feature: their eco-friendliness. It's about time that bindingbecame a more environmentally friendly endeavor and now it can be,thanks to Eco-Coil spines. Purchase a box of Eco-Coil spines today soyou can bind your presentations and reports while also giving the eartha helping hand.